What does a ship supplier or Ship Chandler do?

Published On: 25 de August de 2022Categories: Blog

The ship supplier belongs to a very important sector in the world. The maritime business is one of the pillars of our economy. Since the days when ships sailed in search of new lands, the maritime industry has brought much wealth and business to those cities blessed with a port. As times have evolved, so has the maritime industry. Exports and imports became so critical that many companies were formed to establish a profitable supply chain.

For this industry to work, most jobs in the maritime business require 24/7 operations. The ship supplier is no exception to the rule. Its process begins with a query of quotes received by incoming ships, which are received directly from the ship’s captain. Then, if the quote is accepted, a purchase order is received and the ship suppliers begin working to find each item that was ordered for delivery to the ship at the docks.

Ship outfitters often offer a variety of services that can be divided or categorized into the following groups. Delivery of food, lodging items, medical supplies, lubricants, preserves, cleaning products, among others. Some even offer cleaning services such as garbage collection.

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